Peer Pressure/Peer Pressure (Redux)   3 comments

Above:  Dr. Nasreen

A Screen Capture




Michael Paré as Dante Montana

Claudette Roche as Lucretia “Luc” Scott

Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna


Laura Landauer as Dr. Nasreen

Jazz Mann/Jasbir Mann as Ajit

Peter Pacey as Dr. McIntyre


Director = G. Philip Jackson

Writer = Annie Ingham

Composer = Donald Quan

Length of the original episode = 0:47:23

Length of the Redux episode = 0:44:05


Above:  Ajit

A Screen Capture

  1. Laura Landauer is a singer and comedian who impersonates both Celine Dion and Elvis Presley.
  2. This was the first filmed episode.  The original episode from 2000 plays like a pilot episode.  The Redux version does not.
  3. We see the end of Rudolpho’s opening transmission from the original episode.
  4. The storytelling in the Redux episode is tighter than in the original episode.
  5. Dr. Nasreen, an expert in psychological traumatic stress, is insane, dangerous, and cruel.  She also has an unhealthy interest in her son.
  6. Caravaggio is a wonderfully sarcastic artificial intelligence.
  7. Dr. Nasreen developed a method of controlling hardcore criminals:  manipulating their magnetic fields to make them docile.  If they want to live, they must obey orders.  If a prisoner disobeys, his or her cerebral cortex self-destructs.  The delivery method is a red light flashed into the eyes.
  8. Dr. Nasreen is the suspect in the murder of one Dr. McIntyre.
  9. Percy is cute.
  10. Percy and Ajit flirt and have mutual puppy love.
  11. Percy does need to get off the ship and find more people to whom to talk.
  12. Dr. Nasreen orders Dante, under her control, to kill Luc and to enjoy doing so.  Then Luc, immunized from the red light zapping by Caravaggio, seizes control of the association and forces Dr. Nasreen to reverse the procedure on Dante, back at Mimas, from which Dante picked up Dr. Nasreen and Ajit.
  13. Mimas is a moon of Saturn.
  14. After Caravaggio humiliates Percy in front of Ajit, she reduces the AI’s intelligence so much that it begins to sing “What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?”
  15. Ajit understands his mother’s character.  He stops her by spacing himself.
  16. Nasreen zaps herself.  Then she, back in a holding cell aboard the Transutopian, rocks back and forth and says, “Tell me what to do.”
  17. Percy mourns Ajit alone in her quarters.


Above:  Percy Montana

A Screen Capture

The first season has a story arc in two parts:  the Divinity Cluster and the search for Travis Montana.  Some of the early episodes merely seem disconnected from each other, in the style of episodic television.  A few of them are so disconnected.  The relationships among many of these early episodes become clear in the fifteenth episode, Dark and Stormy Night, possibly the only good clip show ever.

Next:  Frozen, in which we see the Orchard and Etienne (from Family Values) again.  The Orchard is, overall, an assembly of amoral, sick bastards (including some female ones) who think that the ends (which are impossible) justify the means.




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