Frozen/Frozen (Redux)   5 comments

Above:  Dr. Devon with Ryan, His Son

A Screen Capture




Michael Paré as Dante Montana

Claudette Roche as Lucretia “Luc” Scott

Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna


Yves Beneyton as Dr. Devon

Kai King as Billy Tsunami

Philippe Simon as Etienne

Matthew Crabbe as Ryan

Debiiey Dunn as Qunita

J. Michael Boudreault as Zakal

Sheldon Gordon as Raider #1

Meredith Vuchnich as Tracey

Barbara Longaphieas as Luc’s Mother


Director = François Basset

Writer = Lorne Wise

Composer = Donald Quan

Length of the original episode = 0:47:23

Length of the Redux episode = 0:44:05


Above:  Dr. Devon

A Screen Capture

  1. Meredith Vuchnich is an actress, screenwriter, producer, and director.
  2. This episode is one of Matthew Crabbe’s two credits at the Internet Movie Database.  The other credit is Episode #15, Dark and Stormy Night, which incorporates clips from various episodes, including this one.
  3. One theme of this episode is the sacrifices fathers make for their sons.  Rudolpho’s opening transmission, omitted from the Redux version, fits into this theme; he recalls sacrifices his frequently absent father, the member of a crew of space ship, made for the family.
  4. Another theme of this episode is forgetting and remembering parents from whom one has been parted for a long time.  Ryan does not remember his father at the beginning of the episode, but calls him father at the end.  A Raider tells Dante that Travis (Dante’s son) has forgotten him (Dante).  Yet a Raider captured on board the Transutopian says that he remembers his mother.
  5. The Raiders are despicable for more than one reason.  The kidnapping of children is one of these reasons.
  6. Etienne (last seen in Family Values) is back.  He provides much of the comic relief in this episode.
  7. Billy Tsunami, Percy’s favorite singer, is back, too.  We last saw him in Siren’s Song.
  8. Luc, referring to the Omega 77 virus, refers back to Siren’s Song.
  9. I enjoy continuity from one episode to another.
  10. Dante feels guilty for failing to protect Travis from the Raiders.
  11. Dr. Devon feels guilty for failing to protect Ryan from the Orchard and the Raiders.
  12. A Raider double agent betrayed Ryan to the Raiders.
  13. Dr. Devon’s wife, Tracey, died after giving birth to their son, Ryan, born with a rare brain disorder.  Dr. Devon, a specialist in pediatric research, tried to cure his son.  The Orchard financed his research, which resulted in “an electromagnetically altered genetic cocktail.”  The cocktail transformed Ryan into a boy who, while seemingly asleep yet really in a trance, unconsciously manipulated the magnetic fields of nearby people, accessed their memories, and caused them to see and hear illusions.  The Orchard kidnapped Ryan and told Dr. Devon that the boy was dead.  Dr. Devon rescued his son, stole a small transport ferry, and set out, with a squadron of Raiders in pursuit.  There was also an Orchard vessel, which never intercepted the Transutopian, which rescued Dr. Devon and Ryan.
  14. Dr. Devon accurately describes the Orchard as “the bastards” who finished what he started.  Dante accurately describes the Raiders as “bastards.”
  15. Etienne pretends to be infatuated with Luc and to love women.  He tells Luc that, if any woman could make him “jump ship,” she could, though.
  16. Ryan’s condition causes Dr. Devon to see Tracey (his late wife), Dante to see Travis, Luc to see her mother, Percy to see herself, and Etienne to see Luc.
  17. After Raiders board the Transutopian to seize Ryan, he causes them to see the illusion of a shuttle departing the former luxury liner.  The Raider squadron pursues the illusion.
  18. Etienne works for the Orchard.
  19. Luc, who also works for the Orchard, ensures that Dr. Devon and Ryan can settle on Titan, a moon of Saturn, and begin a new life.
  20. Titan has been free of Raiders for years.
  21. Dr. Devon’s most ardent desire is to be a good father.
  22. This episode tells us that Dante used to be a corn farmer on Titan.
  23. Percy is 18 years old, according to G. Philip Jackson, who should know, given that he was one of the creators of the series.
  24. Percy is cute and not intimidating when she orders Etienne to surrender to her authority.


Frozen 07

Above:  Luc

A Screen Capture

  1. In both the original and Redux versions of this episode, Dante gave the date of the abduction of Travis Montana as November 2, 2264, from Titan.
  2. In the original version of the first season, the current year in The Divinity Cluster is 2275.  This is consistent with the abduction having occurred ten years prior.  Most people do not speak of the past in precise terms.  “Ten years ago” can mean ten years, two months, and seven days, for example.  It can also men nine years, eleven months, and ten days, for example.
  3. In the Redux version of The Divinity Cluster, the current year is 2285.  This change helps to reconcile the dates in the (first) two seasons.    Season Two was originally Starhunter 2300, set about fifteen years after the first season.
  4. Series co-creator G. Philip Jackson has written to me.  He has informed that the 2285 is indeed the correct year in The Divinity Cluster, and that the abduction of Travis was in 2275.  (It could have been in November 2274, I suppose.)
  5. I detect a contradiction between the audio in a scene and information from a co-creator of the series.  I believe the latter.
  6. Given Dante’s mention of 2264, even in the Redux version of this episode, I have a question about the timing of the Callistian Civil War of 2254-2257, mentioned in The Man Who Sold the World.  I wonder if the civil war could have spanned 2264-2267 in the Redux chronology instead.  Adding a decade to the timeline seems to be normative.

Next:  Past Lives, with the Orchard, more skullduggery, and Eric, Luc’s former husband.


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