The Most Wanted Man/The Most Wanted Man (Redux)   6 comments

Above:  Martin Harman

A Screen Capture




Michael Paré as Dante Montana

Claudette Roche as Lucretia “Luc” Scott

Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna


Tim Dantay as Martin Harman

Andrew Bicknell as Charles

Campbell Morrison as Arielo

Andrew Forbes as Commander Cline


Director = Luc Chalifour

Writer = Peter I. Horton

Composer = Donald Quan

Length of the original episode = 0:47:23

Length of the Redux episode = 0:44:10


Above:  Charles

A Screen Capture

  1. We saw Mars Orbital One in Trust.
  2. We briefly saw Charles on Luc’s Orchard communicator screen in Trust (Redux).
  3. Darius Scott (off-screen) is the chairman at the Outer Worlds Peace Conference, according to Charles.  The necessity of such a peace conference hints at what is happening beyond Saturn and its natural satellites.
  4. Is Darius the chairman of that outer worlds peace conference?  NO.
  5. Charles’s reference to the outer worlds peace conference is absent from the Redux version of this episode.
  6. In Rudolpho’s opening monologue (deleted in the Redux version), he reveals that he has purchased a fifth bounty-hunting vessel.  Rudolpho also says that the more he earns, the more he spends, and that he is broke.  Rudolpho is also desperate, for he has three loan payments due soon, and one can go to prison for debt on the Moon (Luna).
  7. Rudolpho calls Dante periodically to inquire if the bounty hunters have captured Martin Harman.
  8. The bounty on Harman’s head is very high.
  9. In a bar on Mars Orbital One, Martin Harman is disappointed to have to meet with Charles (of the Orchard), not Darius (also of the Orchard).  Charles demands that Harman reveal the location of “the artifact,” which is “the key, the ultimate Rosetta Stone.”  Harman replies that he is the artifact, the blueprint for the next stage of human evolution.
  10. Harman moves quickly, as Eccleston did in The Divinity Cluster.  Harman also has the power to stun people into unconsciousness.
  11. Dante and Luc have been chasing Harman, but he has gotten away.
  12. Three vessels intercept the Transutopian.  Arielo, whose brother Dante delivered to prison, seeks to repossess the Tulip.  Commander Cline, of Mars Federation Special Forces, seeks to arrest Harman.  The third vessel, with Charles aboard, is from the Orchard.  Luc communicates with Charles, to protect the Transutopian and crew.
  13. Percy launches a probe that tracks the ion trail from Harman’s vessel.  The crew of the Transutopian captures the ship, but Harman is loose onboard the Tulip.
  14. Luc leaves the bridge without permission repeatedly, even after Dante forbids her from doing so.
  15. Percy finally gets the ship’s reactor to full power.  That much power is dangerous for the Tulip‘s structural integrity, though.
  16. The editing of one scene in the Redux version differs from its counterpart in the original episode.  An asteroid strikes the Transutopian, thereby fully charging the particle beam.  In the original version, with its battered ship design, Dante and Luc cannot identify where the asteroid struck the ship.  Luc comments that the Tulip looks rough on its best days.  The scene in the Redux version, with a nicer-looking Tulip, omits the search for evidence of external damage and the comment about the ship’s appearance.
  17. The design of the Orchard vessel in the Redux version of the episode differs from the design in the original version of the episode.
  18. Dante and Percy learn some of Luc’s secrets in this episode.  Luc tells Harman that she can arrange a meeting with Darius.  Dante and Percy hear that.  Later, in private, Luc tells Harman that she is the daughter of Darius.
  19. En route in the shuttle to the Orchard vessel, Harman tells everything to Luc.  He, formerly an intelligence officer with Mars Federation Special Forces, worked on top-secret projects with the Orchard, especially with Darius.  Years ago, in “the sector formerly known as Africa,” Darius and Harman worked together on a project.  They found three-million-year-old objects with unearthly writing on them.  After a disk sang to Harman to opened up, he touched the liquid inside.  Then he knew everything, and his life changed.
  20. After that, Harman became unstable and involved in criminal activities, such as gun-running and drug-trafficking.
  21. Harman does not trust the aliens who implanted the Divinity Cluster.  He also contends that the Orchard is foolish to think that it can ever control the Divinity Cluster.  Harman goes so far as to quote the Bhagavad-Gita:  “I am the destroyer of worlds.”
  22. Harman’s advice regarding the Divinity Cluster:  Those one holds near and dear, “hold very near.”
  23. Dante confronts Luc upon her return from the Orchard vessel.  Getting paid double the bounty on Harman does not soothe Dante’s mind.  It certainly makes Rudolpho ecstatic, though.
  24. The Orchard ship explodes.
  25. I do not assume that Harman is dead any more than I assume Eccleston is.
  26. Luc, in her quarters, as Dante and Percy spy on her, plays back the transmission she received from the Orchard ship before it exploded.
  27. Luc returns to the bridge.  Dante asks her who Darius is.  Luc reveals that Darius is her father.  Dante tells Luc that he wants her off his ship.
  28. Great line:  After Arielo speaks of the law of the jungle to Dante, the captain of the Tulip tells him, “You must be the rotting vegetation.”

Next:  Half Dense Players, which picks up where this episode stopped, and reveals more about the Divinity Cluster.




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