Super Max/Super Max (Redux)   6 comments

Above:  Max and Zelda

A Screen Capture




Michael Paré as Dante Montana

Claudette Roche as Lucretia “Luc” Scott

Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna


Tracy Ann Oberman as Zelda

Paul Mari as Max

Matthew Wade as Worker #1

Paul Spike Lees as Prison Controller

Jason Shipley-Holmes as Reno 7 Controller

Astrid Wade as Bank Officer

Pierre Huard as Worker #2

Tony Curtis Blondell as Max’s Bodyguard


Director = Luc Chalifour

Writer = Julian Fikus

Composer = Donald Quan

Composer = Robert Duncan

Length of the original episode = 0:47:23

Length of the Redux episode = 0:44:08


Above:  Enjoying the Show from the Bridge

A Screen Capture

  1. Tracy Ann Oberman and Paul Mari have Eastenders in common.  She played Chrissie on the series in 2004-2005.  Paul Mari wrote some episodes from 2009 to 2014.
  2. Tracy Ann Oberman will always be the hypernationalistic Torchwood member, Yvonne Hartman, converted into a Cyberwoman, in Doctor WhoArmy of Ghosts and Doomsday (2006), to me.
  3. This episode, despite some serious moments, is humorous.
  4. In Rudolpho’s opening transmission (omitted in the Redux version), he opines that greed is really about insulating oneself from life and death.
  5. The design of the Reno 7 space station in the Redux version indicates that Reno 7 and the dastardly Keres Group (from Pandora’s Box, in the second season) used the same architect.
  6. Dante, Percy, and Luc are at Reno 7 to buy spare parts.
  7. In a bar, Zelda, a lusty blonde, flirts with Dante as Percy and Luc observe.  Zelda wants to know if Dante is a real man and laments her marriage to a “cheap copy.”
  8. Caravaggio summons Dante and company to the Transutopian.  They find strangers converting the ship into a prison vessel and learn that Rudolpho has sold the Tulip to Super Max Corrections, Inc.  Max offers Dante the job of warden and reprograms Caravaggio to become a “fiscal engineer,” or a bean-counter.  After Dante and Luc temporarily expel Max and company from the Transutopian, the ship goes nowhere.  Max returns and expels Dante, Luc, and Percy.
  9. Rudolpho is legally bound to honor the remaining six months of Dante’s lease on the Tulip.
  10. Dante, Percy, and Luc play along with Max and accept jobs with Super Max Corrections, Inc.  Dante becomes the warden, Luc becomes a guard, and Percy becomes a janitor.  Percy, at Dante’s request, causes “technical accidents” to happen while Dante and Luc flatter and distract Max.
  11. Zelda is Max’s wife.  She insults her husband frequently, referring to his sexual inadequacies (“three-second wonder,” for example) and flirts with Dante.
  12. Max, who talks too much, has an inferiority complex.  He wants Zelda, who manipulates him, to think of him as a “real man.”
  13. Luc requests and receives the Orchard’s help in investigating Super Max Corrections, Max, and Zelda.  The company is about to go bankrupt, although Zelda (a spendthrift) thinks Max is wealthy–until Dante tells her otherwise and Max confirms cash-flow problems.  Dante drives Super Max Corrections deeper into debt and further behind schedule as the Orchard causes First Saturn Bank to call in Max’s loan.
  14. Percy restores Caravaggio and programs him to deceive Max and other correctional personnel.
  15. Percy also places a digital tapeworm in the prison control center and causes a magnetic containment failure in Reactor One, forcing the Tulip to return to Reno 7 for repairs.
  16. Max begins to suspect that the original crew is responsible for sabotage.
  17. Zelda comes on to Dante in his quarters.  Max finds them in a compromising situation.  Zelda accuses Dante of assaulting her.  Max locks up Dante, and Zelda tells her husband that, if he were a real man, he would kill Dante.  Max agrees to do that.
  18. Max has Luc arrested on an ambiguous charge.
  19. Max orders his bodyguard to expose the incarcerated Dante and Luc to a lethal concentration of a gas.  Percy breaks them out in time, though.
  20. Luc and Dante retake the Transutopian as Max and Zelda bicker on the bridge.  The Dante sends them to brig.
  21. Dante, Percy, and Luc watch Max and Zelda bicker in the brig.  They even ignore Rudolpho’s latest transmission, so they will not miss anything.
  22. Robert Duncan’s score (one of two for the first season) sells the humor of this episode well.
  23. The sequel to this episode is Super Max Redux, from the second season.  Given the naming of episodes in Starhunter Redux, the episode of the re-edited episode is Super Max Redux (Redux).

Next:  A Twist in Time and Eat Sin, a two-part story about time loops, parallel bubble universes, and an insane serial killer named Five.



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