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I have lost two family members recently.

Barbara Futch, my maternal grandmother, died of natural causes at the age of 89 years, in Albany, Georgia, on August 14.  Her death affected me, mostly after I completed the rush of physical activity during the week following her demise.

Bonny Thomas, my dear friend and upstairs neighbor, died violently just outside my front door on the morning of October 14.  She was 54 years old.  Bonny enriched my life by being part of it.  Her absence detracts from my quality of life.

Grief over two losses has merged into a complex of sadness and guilt with which God, work, church, and friends have helped me to cope.  These losses have reiterated what I knew already:  that life is brief and precious, that we ought to look out for and love one another, and that we should never take anyone for granted.  They have affirmed something else I knew already:  I am mortal.

I have no fear of being dead, but I am terrified of certain ways of dying.

Circumstances beyond my control are imposing drastic changes in my life.  2020, on the personal front, will be far different from 2019.  I have faith, pray for wisdom to make wise decisions, and hope for the best.  While I do so, I remember those I have loved and lost.  I also acknowledge that I may never get over their deaths, and probably never should.  I can and should, however, get on with life as I seek and, by grace, find the best way to make my contributions to society at any given time.



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  1. Kenneth…I have learned more from you in the last 4 years than I ever thought possible for me. You set a standard that all who read your posts should pay attention to and strive to imitate what you have done, what you are doing now and your thoughts toward the future. Yes, our time is short but I do believe we have an obligation to live in a way that demonstrates the love of God to others. You my friend…live that kind of life and I am truly grateful to you for opening that door, expanding my capacity to learn but more importantly instilling the desire to grow spiritually. I am in your debt!carol 

  2. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey. Death is difficult and hard. We lost three family members and three friends in 2014, all within a span of five months. We could not even finish grieving for one when another went to be with the Lord. It was like being hit again when you are totally numb with grief. We could not grieve each one separately and so lived in a sea of grief for quite a while. Eventually we came out of it, but I will never forget that time. Will continue to pray for your comfort!

  3. I wrote wrong…it was two family members. Three if you count three months prior to that, but I want to be accurate!

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