Travis/Travis (Redux) and Resurrection/Resurrection (Redux)   9 comments

Above: Zephryn/Travis Montana

A Screen Capture




Michael Paré as Dante Montana

Claudette Roche as Lucretia “Luc” Scott

Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna


Heidi von Palleske/Heather Belle-Matmor as Penny Montana

David Fournier as Zephryn/Travis Montana

James Gaddas as Senaca

Caroline Hayes as Salomea

Ray Lonnen as Navarre

Angie Hill as Tosca

Mark Powley as Eccleston

Ben Hong as Junior Officer

Liam Hollaran as Travis (age 3)

Martin Landry as Orchard Agent

Cavanagh Matmor as Travis (Baby)

Patrick Malakian as Hippolito


Director (Travis) = François Basset

Director (Resurrection) = Patrick Malakian

Writer (Travis) = Susannah Brennan

Composer = Donald Quan

Length of the original version of Travis = 0:47:23

Length of Travis (Redux) = 0:44:06

Length of the original version of Resurrection = 0:47:23

Length of Resurrection (Redux) = 0:43:36


Above:  Navarre

A Screen Capture

  1. We have arrived at the conclusion of the first season.
  2. In Rudolpho’s opening transmission in Travis, he opines regarding surprises.  Rudolpho concludes, “I was the best think is someone’s life.  Poor bastard.  Now that’s a surprise.”  The Redux version of Travis does not include this transmission.
  3. This episode opens about a day after the end of Bad Seed.  Percy has been at Raider headquarters for at least seventeen hours.
  4. Percy’s transmission to Dante leads him to find the atmospheric seeds in his quarters.
  5. Travis (fourteen or fifteen years old) is the leader of the Raiders.  He is also the first naturally-occurring manifestation of Divinity Cluster.  He can render someone unconscious without using force, see time, remember every detail of his life, and travel in dimensional space.  This is a partial list of his abilities and powers.  He has difficulty remaining sane.
  6. Zephryn/Travis has a psychic link to Dante.  He has always known where Dante was and what the father was doing.
  7. Travis’s Raider name is Zephryn.
  8. David Fournier, who portrays Zephryn/Travis, was seventeen years old.
  9. Denis Theriault, who portrayed not-Travis in Family Values, was fourteen years old.
  10. Senaca, Zephryn’s Raider father (and the man who coordinated the raid on Titan on November 3, 2274), is responsible for the abduction of Travis Montana, the death of Penny Montana, and the demise of Percy Montana’s parents.
  11. Senaca regards Zephryn as a source of political power and a pawn to manipulate.  Senaca also fears Zephryn.
  12. Dante’s intensity in seeking Travis and Percy is understandable.
  13. Salomea is Zephryn’s loyal bodyguard.  She clashes with Senaca.
  14. Percy, who initially demands that Zephryn/Dante take a DNA test to confirm his identity, drops that demand shortly thereafter, even though Zephryn/Travis agrees to take the DNA test.
  15. Senaca is a wily man who plays the role of diplomat well while plotting to betray people.
  16. Dante agrees to trade the atmospheric seeds for Travis and Percy.  Senaca pretends to agree to these terms.
  17. Dante hands the atmospheric seeds over to the Raiders.
  18. Luc is loyal to Dante.
  19. Luc requests all Orchard files on Gunnar (spelling?) Biochemical, which created the atmospheric seeds.  Navarre informs her that Tosca’s forces are en route, and that Dante is in great danger.
  20. Zephryn/Travis Montana is stuck between Senaca and the Orchard, mainly Tosca. Senaca and Tosca are dealing with each other.  Senaca distrusts Tosca, though.
  21. Dante reunites with Percy and Travis at Raider headquarters while Luc is on the way to rescue them.
  22. Senaca order’s Luc’s death, but Zephryn/Travis sends Salomea to save Luc’s life.
  23. The Earth is barely habitable.  Do the Raiders plan to use the atmospheric seeds to restore the home world’s atmosphere then settle on Earth?
  24. Penny, who worked for the Orchard, experimented on herself.  After she became pregnant with Travis, the influence of the Divinity Cluster spread to him.
  25. Zephryn/Travis had Penny’s files stolen from the Orchard.
  26. Zephyrn/Travis and Dante converse with Penny’s soul, which Travis has brought from the dimension she inhabits.  Penny apologizes for what she did to her son.  Zephyrn/Travis forgives his mother and sends her to the fourth dimension, where she will find peace.
  27. Salomea saves the lives of Luc, Percy, and Dante from Senaca.
  28. Senaca kills Salomea.
  29. Luc and the three Montanas escape in a shuttle and go the the Transutopian.
  30. In Rudolpho’s opening transmission in Resurrection, he knows that Dante has found Travis.  Rudolpho also reports that he has heard whispers of “other things waiting for their chance.”  This transmission is absent from the Redux version of the episode.
  31. In a bar on Mars, one Hippolito (portrayed by director Patrick Malakian) asks the audience if someone wants to sing.  Hippolito recognizes Eccleston, who looks much worse for wear and who performs a harrowing version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”  Hippolito alerts Navarre immediately.  In the original version of Resurrection and in the teaser for Resurrection (Redux) at the end of Travis (Redux), Eccleston then kills Hippolito.  In Resurrection (Redux), however, the death of Hippolito is absent.
  32. Tosca intercepts Hippolito’s message to Navarre.
  33. A Raider squadron pursues the Transutopian, which is taking severe damage.  The ship has no more torpedoes left and the reactors are not functioning well.  Then the Raider squadron leaves.  The Orchard will extract “the Chosen One,” or Travis.
  34. Travis explains that the Raiders are running toward Earth.  All of the sudden, he reveals that the atmospheric seeds will not restore Earth’s atmosphere, but destroy all life on the planet.
  35. Interpersonal relations aboard the Tulip become more difficult.  Travis is not warm and friendly.  Percy knows she must leave the ship soon.  She rebuffs Luc, who tries to be comforting.  Luc and Dante still have an understanding, though.
  36. Travis agrees with Percy when she says she has been on the Tulip too long.
  37. Luc joins the Orchard resistance to Tosca.  Dante understands and permits her to leave.  He even sees her off.
  38. Percy cannot repair the engines and reactors.  While looking for a part to repair the communications system, she sees Eccleston flicker in front of her.  Later, he materializes in front of her.
  39. Eccleston has been traveling in dimensions with no smell, taste, or touch, with “just a terrible beauty.”
  40. Raider shuttles use a deception matrix to mask their approach to Earth.
  41. What could be worse than rendering Earth uninhabitable?  Eccleston explains that a terrible thing is going to happen in all people.  He explains to Travis and Dante that the Divinity Cluster is not about freedom, as he had said in The Divinity Cluster, but is about the extinction of the human species instead.  Eccleston has seen those aliens who have been waiting for millions of years for their chance at resurrection in people.
  42. Travis, who recognizes Eccleston as “the First One,” is initially skeptical.  Then Eccleston touches Travis’s head.  Dante touches Eccleston and Travis.  A glowing effect later, Eccleston has shared with them what he has seen; they have seen it and know that he is being honest.
  43. On Mars, Navarre explains to Luc that the resistance has not fully recovered from the death of Darius in Dark and Stormy Night.  Tosca and armed guards interrupt.  Tosca has Navarre killed.
  44. How often should we in the viewing audience take Tosca at her word?  Sometimes she speaks accurately, as when she explains that Darius created the plan to extract Travis.  We know this from Dark and Stormy Night.  Should we believe her when she denies any responsibility for the death of Darius and insists she does not know who is responsible  Why did she terminate the Orchard investigation into Darius’s death?
  45. Tosca is one of the Orchard personnel who welcome the resurrection of ancient aliens in human beings.
  46. The editing of the Redux version of Resurrection makes more sense that the editing of the original version of Resurrection regarding one sequence of scenes.  In the original version of the episode, an Orchard shuttle approaches the Tulip at Mars when Eccleston transports the Transutopian to the outer threshold of Luna.  Then Tosca orders Senaca to oversee the extraction of Travis but tells him not to destroy the Tulip.  In a subsequent scene, Tosca orders Orchard operatives based on the Moon to extract Travis.  In the Redux version of Resurrection, Tosca never orders Senaca to extract Travis, just to avoid destroying the Tulip.
  47. Senaca orders the destruction of the Tulip anyway, after having disabled it.
  48. Dante and Travis leave the Tulip in a shuttle.  Travis must see the seeds then see them somewhere else, such as the Sun, to save life on Earth.
  49. Travis cannot do this.  The Raiders seed Earth’s atmosphere.
  50. After Senaca orders the shooting down of the shuttle containing Dante and Travis, the shuttle falls to the surface of the dying planet.
  51. Percy elects to remain aboard the Tulip, to restore Caravaggio.  The only other person on board is Eccleston, who takes the ship into hyperspace immediately prior to Raider torpedoes striking it.
  52. Tosca throws tantrums when she experiences frustration.
  53. When we last see Luc, Tosca is pointing a gun at her and cocking the trigger.
  54. Before the shuttle crashes into a city, Dante and Travis hold hands.  Dante tells Travis to see home.
  55. Dante awakes at home, on Titan, on November 3, 2274.  Travis is three years old and Penny is alive.  Then the Raiders attack.
  56. Throughout the episode, Dante avoids a message from Rudolpho.  After the Tulip enters hyperspace, Caravaggio (rebooted) plays that transmission.  Rudolpho, having won a lawsuit, leaves the bounty hunting business and gives the Tulip to Dante.

Next:  Rebirth, the first episode of the second season.




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