Pandora’s Box/Pandora’s Box (Redux)   4 comments

Above:  An Orchard-Funded Experiment

A Screen Capture




Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Clive Robertson as Travis Montana

Dawn Stern as Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna

Paul Fox as Marcus Fagen

Graham Harley as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter 2300

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter Redux, Season 2


Stephen Moore as Whyndham

Stephen Bogaerd as Alrick Quennell

Bruce Clayton as Dr. Schofield

Don Warry-Smith as Kingman

Carol Schulte as Bartender


Director = David Wheatley

Writer = Barry Simner

Composer (Theme–Starhunter 2300) = Peter Gabriel (Darker Star, arranged and mixed by Richard Evans and David Rhodes)

Composers (Episode–Starhunter 2300) = The Insects (Bob Locke and Tim Norfolk)

Composer (Theme–Starhunter Redux, Season 2) = Donald Quan

Composer (Episode–Starhunter Redux) = Donald Quan

Length of original episode = 0:47:53

Length of Redux episode = 0:43:44


Above:  Not a Deadly Virus, but a Data Recorder

A Screen Capture

With this episode we enter the fourth quarter of our journey through Starhunter Redux.  Given two seasons, each with twenty-two episodes, the beginning of the second half of the second season marks the beginning of the final quarter.

One theme of this episode is that appearances can be deceptive.  Dr. Schofield, head of research of the Keres Group, and his chief aide, Whyndham, seem to be respectable and legal, but they are actually criminals.  Alrick Quennell, a Raider, is a criminal.  Yet he is a voice of reason and becomes an invaluable ally to our bounty hunters.  Finally, Kingman is not the idiot he first seems to be; the crew of the Tulip escapes and survives because of him.

We learn that the Keres Group, with its research station apparently near Jupiter, is active in seeking cures to diseases and promoting peace.  We also learn that one branch of it conducts unsavory work the Orchard funds.

This episode marks the return of the Orchard, last heard of at the end of the first season.  The Orchard is a recurring presence during the second half of the second season.

The name “Keres Group” should alert one that the group is not all peace, love, and puppies.  If one recalls ancient mythology, one knows that the Keres were female spirits who performed the will of the Fates and specialized in unpleasant ways of dying, such as violence and disease.  One can read in reference works that, according to Greek mythology, the Keres hovered over battlefields and sustained themselves physically on blood.

The name of the episode is a reference to another aspect of Greek mythology.  One may recall that Pandora opened a box or covered jar, thereby allowing evil spirits, the ills affecting humankind, to escape, but that she closed the box or jar before hope could escape.

One may wonder how the Keres Group was able to conduct this experiment in another solar system and retrieve the recording device from the fourth planet.  My best guess, based on two episodes hence, is that someone (perhaps Tristan Catchpole, first seen in The Prisoner, two episodes hence) able to use the Divinity Cluster to travel through hyperspace, made that possible.

Percy accuses Travis of being bossy throughout this episode.


Above:  Whyndham and Schofield, Whom Travis and the Crew Have Double-Crossed

A Screen Capture

  1. When the episode opens, the Transutopian is en route to the Keres Group Research Station.  At that station, Dr. Schofield and his chief aide, Whyndham, monitor the deliberate destruction of a planet in the solar system of Pulsar 1342.  This explosion destabilizes that solar system, setting up the other planets to crash into the pulsar eventually.  If there is life on any of those planets, it is doomed.
  2. A negative energy wave from that explosion affects the Tulip, draining half of the energy from its reactors.  This problem creates a challenge the crew must overcome by the end of the episode.
  3. Percy and Marcus discuss how best to boost the ship’s power.  Marcus prefers an elegant solution.  Percy proposes an effective, dangerous, and inelegant solution.  She gets her way.  Remember that Marcus likes elegance, as in ballroom dancing.
  4. The Tulip arrives at the Keres Group Research Station.  Schofield and Whyndham are polite to Travis and Callie, to whom they lie.  The cover story is that a Raider, Alrick Quennell, infiltrated the Keres Group and stole a sample of the Tethys virus, for which the Keres Group is developing a vaccine.  The Keres Group is being discrete, to avoid a scandal, Schofield tells the bounty hunters.  After Travis and Callie leave, the two scientists reveal their disdain for bounty hunters and bemoan having to place their fates in the hands of such lowly people.
  5. The bounty hunters find Quennell in a restroom on Clarke Station and take him back to the Tulip. They do not find the box allegedly containing the sample of the virus, though.  That is in the possession of Kingman, who was in the next stall when Travis and Rudolpho apprehended Quennell.  Kingman, pursued by members of the Fedder Clan of Raiders, comes to the Tulip, though.  After he lies badly, he tells the truth.  The Tulip sets a course back to the Keres Group Research Station.
  6. Quennell does not know what the box contains, but he knows it does not hold a sample of a virus.  The Raider also understands correctly that the mysterious funders of the Keres Group have no compunction about killing people to keep secrets.
  7. Back at the Keres Group Research Station, Schofield and Whyndham are cognizant of the risks of not having the little black box and the recording device inside it when the Orchard ship arrives.
  8. The bounty hunters, with Caravaggio’s help, discover the truth about the contents of the little black box and the experiment in the other solar system.  They also establish the link between that explosion and the ship’s loss of power.  They know that Quennell is correct; they should not return the recording device to the Keres Group.
  9. The Keres Group uses a tractor beam of sorts to pull the Tulip in.  Schofield orders Whyndham to dispose of all people aboard the ship then to dispose of the Tulip.
  10. Travis and Callie arrive with Quennell.  Schofield pays the agreed-upon 100,000 credits.  The bounty hunters and Quennell escape before anyone can kill them.
  11. Fortunately, Kingman is a reactor nerd who effortlessly increases the Tulip‘s power.  The ship breaks away and escapes.
  12. Schofield opens an open box.  Later, an Orchard ship destroys the Keres Group Research Station.
  13. Percy and Rudolpho understand that the Orchard will come after them and the others on the Transutopian.
  14. Quennell prepares to leave the Tulip in his shuttle.  Is this a plot hole?  I thought that Travis and Rudolpho transported Quennell in a Tulip shuttle.

Next:  Stitch in Time/A Stitch in Time (Redux).  The title of the original episode is Stitch in Time–no article, definite or indefinite.  There is definitely an indefinite article in the title of the Starhunter Redux episode, though.



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