The Chronicle: News from the Edge (2001-2002): Broadcast and Production Orders   2 comments

Above:  The Title Card

A Screen Capture



(Production order is in parentheses.)

The entire series is available here, for free.

  1. Pilot (01)
  2. What Gobbles Beneath (06)
  3. Here There Be Dragons (08)
  4. Baby Got Back (03)
  5. He’s Dead, She’s Dead (07)
  6. Bermuda Love Triangle (11)
  7. Only the Young Die Good (10)
  8. Bring Me the Head of Tucker Burns (12)
  9. Let Sleeping Dogs Fry (02)
  10. Take Me Back (13)
  11. Touched By an Alien (14)
  12. Pig Boy’s Big Adventure (17)
  13. The Cursed Sombrero (16)
  14. Tears of a Clone (18)
  15. I See Dead Fat People (04)
  16. Man and Superman (15)
  17. Hot from the Oven (09)
  18. The Stepford Cheerleaders (05)
  19. The Mists of Avalon Parkway (19)
  20. The King is Undead (20)
  21. Hell Mall (21)
  22. A Snitch in Time (22)

I have paid close attention to visual cues (such as dates on front pages of editions of the World Chronicle) and to dialogue.  I have kept notes about these cues in longhand.  My main regret is one about which I can do nothing, for only versions of all 22 episodes of The Chronicle to which I have access are of a certain video quality.  The images are not the clearest ones possible, so some dates are blurry.  Consider that caveat, O reader, when I recommend a viewing order of episodes.  In the event that I will have access to cleaned-up, sharp versions of these episodes, I will gladly incorporate the newly-available information into my data set and, as necessary, revise my notes and recommended viewing order.  I will rejoice if The Chronicle ever becomes available on the new Peacock streaming service. This series is a production of NBC/Universal, so why not?

With few exceptions, I recommend viewing these episodes in broadcast order.  As I have already written in this series of blog posts, I understand that production order does not necessarily equate to proper viewing order.  For example, one should watch the first two broadcast episodes in broadcast order; the second episode picks up shortly after the first one.  The second broadcast episode, What Gobbles Beneath, was the sixth one produced.  On the other hand, the discrepancy between production order and broadcast order produced an arc plot contradiction.  Touched By an Alien (the fourteenth episode produced and the eleventh one broadcast) contains a reference to Hot from the Oven (the ninth episode produced and the seventeenth one broadcast) IN THE PAST TENSE.  Within in the universe of The Chronicle, Touched By an Alien occurred in the Spring of 2001, and Hot from the Oven took place in late September 2001.  Oops!

My recommended viewing order is this:  Watch the episodes in broadcast order, WITH TWO EXCEPTIONS.

  1. Move The Stepford Cheerleaders (the fifth episode produced and the eighteenth one broadcast) to immediately following Baby Got Back (the third episode produced and the fourth one broadcast.
  2. View Let Sleeping Dogs Fry (the second episode produced and the ninth one broadcast) between the third and eighth episodes broadcast.

Viewing the 22 episodes of The Chronicle in this order should eliminate as many internal chronological inconsistencies as possible.




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