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The White Star


The collective title of the third season of Babylon 5 is Point of No Return.  Our main characters have reached points at which they cannot retreat–regardless of whether they want to do so or should do so.  Their previous decisions have set their courses.

And the tone of the third season opening titles sequence is more somber than that of Season Two.  The music is now a slow march and the new narration, read by actress Claudia Christian in her persona as Commander Susan Ivanova, is as follows:

The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace.  It failed.  But in the year of the Shadow War it became something greater–our last best hope for victory.  The year is 2260; the place, Babylon 5.

David Endawi

David Endawi, an agent of the Earth government, arrives on Babylon 5 on a mission to find out what key station personnel and alien ambassadors know about the black, spidery vessel Lt. Keffer recorded before his death in the second season finale, The Fall of Night.  Earth knows nothing about the race that created that ship, Endawi says.  And, to the best of his knowledge, that is an accurate statement.  He gets nowhere until Ambassador Londo Mollari speaks of dreams and Citizen G’Kar, former Narn ambassador, shows the agent images from the 1,000-year-old text of the Book of G’Quan:

Endawi is not the only important visitor to the space station.  Marcus Cole, a human Ranger, one of the Anla-shok, arrives on Babylon 5 from the Drazi planet Zagros VII, the Centauri-beseiged site of a Ranger training facility.  The Anla-shok there need for Sheridan and Delenn to break the blockade long enough for the Rangers to escape.  This occasion becomes the first cruise of the new warship White Star, a combination of Minbari and Vorlon technology.

Below:  Marcus Cole

There is just one problem:  Mr. Endawi is aboard the station.   Sheridan and Delenn need a convincing cover story.

Furthermore,  Mr. Morden is aboard the station.  Londo is trying to stop dancing with the Devil, so he tries to sever his ties with the Shadows.  Yet Londo’s weaknesses ensure that the Shadows continue to manipulate him.  Stay tuned and keep reading.

The White Star arrives at Zagros VII and finds a Shadow vessel there.  The Shadow ship pursues the White Star through hyperspace and into a trap Captain Sheridan has set for it.  So Sheridan, who once destroyed the Black Star, has killed a seemingly invincible with the White Star.  The symmetry is appropriate.

And Delenn backs up Sheridan’s cover story when Endawi asks Sheridan why he has been absent for so long.  So far, so good.

Back on Earth, Endawi submits his report to a Senator, who congratulates him for the good work.  Then Morden and a Psi-Cop enter the Senator’s office.  The Psi-Cop makes a chilling suggestion:  It is possible to manufacture a threat to planetary security, and therefore speed up their “program.”

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

And why is the Psi Corps in league with the Shadows and a faction within the Earth government?

Be terrified.



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