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The Unpleasant Pharmacist   Leave a comment

What did people say to the unpleasant pharmacist?

“Stop being a pill!”

(I hope this pun is not difficult to swallow.)

Detergents   Leave a comment

Opposition to puns should never deter gents from telling jokes about clothes washers.  No, these punny men should maintain their commitment to clean humor, no matter how others spin the witticisms.

Cellphone On a Charger   Leave a comment

Photographer = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

A visual pun

Composer Puns   Leave a comment

  1. The space aliens who met Richard Strauss said, “Take me to your lieder.”
  2. Georges was not too Bizet to compose music.
  3. Music is Lisztless without Franz.
  4. A composer opens a small door with a minor key.
  5. The composer, who attended frequent staff meetings, took a measured approach to writing music.  I hope he was never in much treble.  If so, this would have been a major concern for him, for he might have been unduly notorious.
  6. Don’t be notorious.  Compose yourself and perform in the correct key.  This is a major issue, off the scale.
  7. I suppose that Beethoven wrote some drafts of compositions in notebooks.
  8. When Johann Sebastian attended a party, was it a Bachanalia?  Am I wining too much?  Is this a grape joke or not?
  9. Puns about Johann Sebastian Bach must Germanate.

Engineering and Science Puns   Leave a comment

  1. The cranky meteorologist had stormy relationships.
  2. Nuclear power plant employees must have that CANDU attitude.
  3. When Louis was a young his mother said that he should retire at a proper hour, or else he would stay up “Pasteur bedtime.”
  4. If a group of people talks about solar power, is that a panel discussion?
  5. The bottle went to the hospital for plastic surgery.
  6. Satellites do not weigh much.

Bones Puns   Leave a comment

  1. When bones cooperate, they undertake a joint effort.
  2. To tell a joke about hips is a waist.

Microbiology Puns   Leave a comment

  1. Does one amoeba speak to another amoeba via cellular phone?
  2. The microbiologist who read Shakespearean plays was cultured.

Architecture and Building Puns   Leave a comment

  1. Jokes about ceilings always go over my head.
  2. The electrician who was also a physicist experimented with fusion.
  3. The Minoan criminal was a concrete.
  4. Frank Lloyd set things Wright.
  5. More people were becoming fascinated by the construction project at the bank.  Interest was building.
  6. The tourist got an eyeful in Paris.
  7. Moving from a single-story house to a two-story house is a real step up.  (I could just stare at the steps.)
  8. Breaking windows can be painful.
  9. I shudder to think about windows.
  10. Did young Abraham find playing with Lincoln Logs to be a useful way of coping with cabin fever?
  11. Do people who write puns about noses have good old factory senses?

Astronomy Puns   Leave a comment

  1. The astronomer with an odd personality was quarky.
  2. The astronomer was Sirius about his work.
  3. Does a cat on the Moon have lunatics?
  4. Do astronomers clean their rock collections in meteor showers?

Psychology Puns   Leave a comment

  1. The French historian visited his Annaliste.
  2. Was the poorly informed person with little impulse control an id-iot?
  3. Was Sigmund’s fall a Freudian slip?