Living People Whom I Anticipate I Will Add to My Ecumenical Calendar of Saints’ Days and Holy Days After They Die

An Ever-Expanding List

  1. Carter, Jimmy (President of the United States)
  2. Clark, Joe (Prime Minister of Canada)
  3. Curry, Michael (Presiding Bishop, The Episcopal Church)
  4. Francis (Borgoglio, Jorge Mario), Bishop of Rome (Roman Catholic Church)
  5. Gray, Duncan Montgomery, III (Episcopal Bishop of Mississippi, Retired)
  6. Griswold, Frank Tracy, III (Presiding Bishop, The Episcopal Church)
  7. Harris, Barbara (First female bishop, The Episcopal Church)
  8. Jefferts Schori, Katharine (Presiding Bishop, The Episcopal Church)
  9. Lawson, James (Civil rights leader and minister in The United Methodist Church)
  10. Platz, Elizabeth (First female minister, Lutheran Church in America/Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
  11. Wren, Brian (Hymn writer, United Reformed Church)

Posted April 2, 2020 by neatnik2009

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