No Mere Mortal is Beyond Criticism.

My faith tells me that there was only one perfect person–Jesus of Nazareth.  I do not criticize him.  All others–even those with whom I agree more often that not–are fair game for criticism.  I even criticize some people in writing as I add them to my Ecumenical Calendar of Saints’ Days and Holy Days here at SUNDRY THOUGHTS.  I refuse to participate in any cult of personality.  I leave most of my criticisms unspoken and unwritten, so only God and I know about the majority of my criticisms.

I know my refusal to participate in any cult of personality offends some people.  So be it.  This is a matter of principle; all human beings are fallible.  As surely as bad people commit some good deeds, good people commit some bad deeds.  Every human being deserves some strong criticism.  In this increasingly polarized political age, that truth becomes lost more and more often.  I reject that argument that it is excusable for someone I like to do X but not for someone I abhor to do X, X being something morally indefensible.  If I am to avoid being a tribal hack, I must be consistent in condemning that which I ought to condemn.  And even those I abhor are not entirely wrong.  As a cliché tells me, a broken clock is right twice a day.

SUNDRY THOUGHTS is an outlet I use judiciously.  I seek to refrain from sharing rumors and lies, for example.  Although I do not think vainly that I must share every opinion or even most of my subjective thoughts, I claim this space as one at which I get to speak and write my mind, for positive purposes.  Other people express themselves at their weblogs and other outlets, after all.  That is their right.  So be it.  When I read a blog post and do not like it, I move along, as if I had never read it.  I do try to be civilized and, in the best sense of the word, mature.




Posted June 16, 2019 by neatnik2009

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