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Rebirth/Rebirth (Redux)   16 comments

Above:  Percy Montana

A Screen Capture




Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Clive Robertson as Travis Montana

Dawn Stern as Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna

Paul Fox as Marcus Fagen

Graham Harley as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter 2300 and briefly in this episode

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter Redux, Season 2


Alan Van Sprang as Jimmi Zavras

Shawn Roberts as Skinny (Grown Up)

Eric Flower as Skinny (Child)

James Arnold as Father

Fionnuala Jamison as Mother

Jee-Yun Lee as News Anchor

Abena Malika as Clarke Station AI Holograph

Cherilee Taylor as Aliana Niran


Director = David Wheatley

Writer = Peter Zorich (Peter I. Horton)

Composer (Theme–Starhunter 2300) = Peter Gabriel (Darker Star, arranged and mixed by Richard Evans and David Rhodes)

Composers (Episode–Starhunter 2300) = The Insects (Bob Locke and Tim Norfolk)

Composer (Theme–Starhunter Redux, Season 2) = Donald Quan

Composer (Episode–Starhunter Redux) = Donald Quan

Length of original episode = 0:47:48

Length of Redux episode = 0:44:00


Above:  An Example of Retconning the Tulip Interior

A Screen Capture

(Look at the windows and the steps.)

The opening titles sequence to Starhunter 2300 (2003-2004) is here.

I prefer the opening and closing credits music in both seasons of Starhunter Redux; Donald Quan’s music has a positive effect on me.

I realize that a refit of a Transutopian happened off-screen in Rebirth and that Percy had the bridge chairs replaced off-camera early in the episode, but the only explanation for certain changes to the interior of the ship within the Redux universe is retconning.  In our universe, of course, the answer is that people built new sets.

The re-editing of the first season in Starhunter Redux removes most of the visual discontinuity from the first season to the second.  Nevertheless, the color palate in the first season is darker than in the second season.

As early as 2010 and 2011, when I wrote the first set of posts about this series, I posited that each season played out in a separate reality.

Starhunter Redux plays out in one reality, though.

I like seeing Murray Melvin back as the slightly redesigned Caravaggio in the second season of Starhunter Redux, no offense to Graham Harley.

Characters keep referring to the passage of fifteen years since the events of the previous season.  In-universe, the first season ended in late 2286.  The last firm date, from Eat Sin, was September 13, 2286.  Given the date of January 3, 2300, in Rebirth, the passage of time was actually about thirteen years.


Above:  Clive Robertson as Travis Montana (Left) with Paul Fox as Marcus Fagen (Right)

A Screen Capture

Discontinuities between the Travis Montana we meet in Travis and Resurrection and the Travis Montana we meet in the second season provided evidence I interpreted as support for the parallel universes theory in 2010 and 2011.

Travis Montana (Mark I) was about fifteen years old in late 2286, when Dante Montana, his father, caught up with him.  This Travis was the first naturally-occurring manifestation of the Divinity Cluster.  Zephyrn, as the Raiders called him, was “the Chosen One” and the leader of the Raiders  He had perfect memory, possessed a psychic link to his father, remembered this mother, and knew all about the Divinity Cluster.  This Travis disappeared with his father into hyperspace aboard a shuttle about to collide with the surface of Earth in late 2286.

Travis Montana (Mark II) was in his middle-to-late thirties in 2300.  He had been the leader of the Varran clan of the Raiders until 2289/2290 (about a decade prior to January 3, 2300), when he left both, due to an attack of conscience during the abduction of the boy designated to become his heir and the next leader of the Varran clan.  This Travis was manifesting the Divinity Cluster; he traveled in time on occasion (as in Rebirth), but knew nothing about the Divinity Cluster until Percy briefed him at the end of the episode.  This Travis also had no memories of Dante or Penny.  Yet he referred to Dante as his father and to Percy as his cousin.  This Travis bore the Raider name “Dazak.”

The following information comes from series co-creator G. Philip Jackson, via email.  The Travis Montana we see in the second season is not the son of Dante and Penny Montana.  

Perhaps the man claiming to be Travis Montana believes he is the son of Dante Montana because other Raiders told him he is.  If so, he does not know who he is, and a line of dialogue to Jimmi Zavras at the tail end of Rebirth is ironic.

For the sake of convenience, I will refer to Travis Montana (Mark II) as “Travis” or “Travis Montana,” minus the quotation marks, in posts, starting after this sentence.


Above:  Establishing the Date in Rebirth

A Screen Capture

2271:  Penny Montana gave birth to Travis Montana on Titan.

November 3, 2274:  Senaca led the raid that resulted in the death of Penny Montana and of Percy Montana’s parents, as well as the abduction of the three-year-old Travis.

Early 2275:  Dante became a bounty hunter, with Percy (probably seven years old) in tow.

Late 2285:  The beginning of the first season.  Percy was eighteen years old.  Dante was thirty-five years old.

2286:  The events of the majority of the first season.  (G. Philip Jackson tells me that the events of the first season took about a year in story time.)

Late 2286:  The end of the second season.  Travis, Dante, Percy, and Eccleston disappeared into hyperspace.

2289/2290:  Dazak, leader of the Varran clan, left that clan and the Raiders.  Jimmi Zavras attacked Dazak, abducted a boy who was supposed to become Dazak’s heir and the next leader of the Varran clan, and ordered the deaths of the boy’s parents.  Dazak recovered and called himself Travis Montana afterward.  (How long had he thought of himself as Travis Montana?)

Year Uncertain:  Travis (formerly Dazak) saved the life of Raider apprentice Marcus Fagen in a Raider knife fight “in a hellhole bar on Oberon.”  Marcus began to pursue an honest life in the company of Travis.

January 3, 2300:  The Transutopian, with only Percy Montana aboard, emerged from hyperspace.  Her time in hyperspace was, in her words, “like a dream.”  Caravaggio’s appearance changed slightly.  (I refer to the Murray Melvin version of Caravaggio, in both seasons of Starhunter Redux.)  The Tulip, according to Jupiter Federation salvage laws, became her property.

January 4, 2300:  The Transutopian docked at Clarke Station, near Jupiter.  Percy met Travis, the former Dazak, and did not accept him as her cousin.  (She had met the real Travis at the end of the first season, after all.)  Percy has aged to appear twenty-two years old, although she was chronologically closer to thirty-two years old.  A minor refit of the ship began.  Refitters removed the sensor array and did not replace it.  Percy had the bridge chairs replaced.


Above:  Dawn Stern as Callista “Callie” Larkadia

A Screen Capture

  1. The Redux version of this episode rearranges some of the content from early in the original Starhunter 2300 episode.
  2. The misinformation about the detrimental effects of MSG in Chinese food persists into the late twenty-third century.  (The twenty-fourth century will begin in 2301.)  Misinformation from 1969 does take root, does it not?
  3. When we meet Travis and Marcus, they are in Syn City, Io, a moon of Jupiter.  They and Callista “Callie” Larkadia are pursuing the same criminal, Aliana Niran, a black-market dealer.  After Travis and Marcus arrest Niran at Clarke Station the next day, the “tapped out” Callie is angry.
  4. The Internet Movie Database (IMDB), not always reliable, lists Niran’s name as “Ailana Niran.”  Yet Travis pronounces her first name as “Aliana.”
  5. Jimmi Zavras, presumably the leader of the Varran clan since Dazak left about a decade prior, wants to kill Travis.
  6. Marcus is surprised to learn that Travis travels in time, after knowing him for years.
  7. Rudolpho, desperate for money, offers to lease the Tulip from Percy.  Callie, desperate for money, goes to work for Rudolpho.
  8. Marcus works for Travis.
  9. Rudolpho said in the original version of The Most Wanted Man that the more he earned, the more he spent and the deeper he went into debt.  His financial condition in this episode is consistent with that statement.
  10. Rudolpho was rich at the end of Resurrection, set in late 2286.
  11. Percy, as the new owner of the Tulip, takes half the bounty.  She needs the quatloos, to cite a currency from Star Trek (1966-1969).  (I know; the currency in the universe of Starhunter is credits.)
  12. Callie, one of “the Larkadias,” had a privileged youth, which she did not enjoy.  She is also a veteran of Mars Federation Special Forces.
  13. Lucretia Scott was also a veteran of Special Forces.
  14. Jimmi Zavras kills 312 people at the Pandora Terraform Research Facility, near Saturn, to lure Travis.
  15. Jimmi’s ship is the Guardian.
  16. Percy, Rudolpho, Callie, Travis, and Marcus agree to a trial run.  They will apprehend those responsible for the attack at Pandora, divide the bounty, and decide what to do next.
  17. Percy does not make plans, for they do not work out for her.
  18. As the crew members get to know each other (somewhat), they work well together to complete the mission.
  19. We see new sets for the first time.  The infirmary is one of these.
  20. “Percy does not always make sense to the impartial observer, but somehow she manages to make sense to herself.”–Caravaggio on Percy
  21. “I work in mysterious ways.”–Percy on herself
  22. Travis and Callie take the shuttle to Pandora, to search for evidence.  They do this without Percy’s permission.
  23. Percy insists that she is in command.  She traps Marcus, redirects ship controls away from the bridge (where Rudolpho is), and plans to leave Travis and Callie behind.  Percy says, “no pretend cousin, big fat sleeze, little buddy, or mystery slut.”  At this time Jimmi, in the Guardian, attacks the Tulip.  Percy fires lasers while the particle beam warms up.  Travis and Callie approach from Pandora and fire strictly illegal torpedoes at the Guardian‘s reactor.  Jimmi withdraws, rather than explode.
  24. A shuttle cannot legally carry torpedoes.
  25. Percy has made enemies aboard the Tulip.  Travis makes peace with her.
  26. Skinny, Jimmi’s first officer, contacts Travis and arranges a rendezvous at a bar on Iapetus Docking Station, near Saturn.  All on the Tulip recognize this as a trap.  Travis goes to the bar, a fairly tame gentleman’s club (the dancers wear bikinis and short shorts), but he is not alone.  Marcus and Callie are undercover as lovers.  Travis, Marcus, and Callie reverse the trap and spring it on Jimmi and Skinny.  Skinny, Travis reveals, was supposed to be the leader of the Varran clan, not Jimmi’s slave.
  27. Jimmi and Skinny become prisoners on the Tulip.  But no government will pay the bounty yet, due to jurisdictional disputes.

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