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Blogging Update–August 18, 2017   Leave a comment

SUNDRY THOUGHTS, my original weblog, is one of eight such websites I maintain.  This is the more general weblog; the other seven have narrow definitions.  All of them are always works in progress.  Since I have eight of these, I do not update all of them regularly, obviously.

I have plans to return to SUNDRY THOUGHTS more often in September, to resume the process of revising and expanding my Ecumenical Calendar of Saints’ Days and Holy Days, with the emphasis on the month of May.  (I have already revised and expanded the Ecumenical Calendar for January through April.)  I feel free, of course, to continue to add political commentary and other reflections as well.

I have been focusing my blogging-related attention to the Psalter at BLOGA THEOLOGICA.  I have been following the 30-day plan (in morning and evening installments, in The Book of Common Prayer of 1979) for reading the Book of Psalms.  So far I have drafted and posted 40 of 60 posts spanning Psalms 1-150 and gotten as far as Psalm 104.  This has been a spiritually rewarding project, one to which I anticipate returning.  I have also decided to add Psalm 151 (present in Orthodox Bibles and in the Septuagint), thereby transforming the series into the Septuagint Psalter Project, complete in 61 posts.

I have decided, for practical reasons, not to shift my attention immediately from the Septuagint Psalter Project to saints (canonized and otherwise) with feast days in May.  No, I have decided to keep my focus at BLOGA THEOLOGICA for 17 posts and to begin to write based on the now-abandoned lectionary in the U.S. Methodist Book of Worship for Church and Home (1965), focusing first on Advent, Christmas, and the Season after the Epiphany.

Revising and expanding the Ecumenical Calendar of Saints’ Days and Holy Days is a longterm project, one that will probably extend into 2019 for this round alone.  The Ecumenical Calendar is always a work in progress, so work on it will end when I die or otherwise cease to be capable of updating it.  Revising and expanding the Ecumenical Calendar frequently goes hand-in-hand with updating GATHERED PRAYERS, which links into SUNDRY THOUGHTS.  When I write about a hymn writer, for example, I might add texts by him or her to GATHERED PRAYERS, link into the post SUNDRY THOUGHTS, and link that post into GATHERED PRAYERS.  Working on the Ecumenical Calendar is also an extension of my old-fashioned view of history:  Great men and women.   This project also flows naturally from my hybrid Protestant-Roman Catholic essence.  I consult Anglican, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox calendars of saints and find much that is helpful about them as I draw from them, but only I choose the people to add to the Ecumenical Calendar.  I even have room for Origen.  In fact, sometimes I find hymnals, obituaries, and historical accounts more helpful than official calendars of saints.  I also feel free to divide, constrict, merge, and expand feasts at will.

May something you, O reader, find at my weblogs prove helpful.