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The Prisoner/The Prisoner (Redux)   5 comments

Above:  Jane Doe/Maria Geddes

A Screen Capture




Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Clive Robertson as Travis Montana

Dawn Stern as Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna

Paul Fox as Marcus Fagen

Graham Harley as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter 2300

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter Redux, Season 2


Allison Burn as Georgia (Orchard)

Greg Allwand as Dr. Edward Murchison (Orchard)

Georgie Johnson as Tristan Catchpole (Orchard)

Dean McKenzie as Soame (Orchard)

Tracey Ferencz as Jupiter Federation Official

Jacklyn Francis as Dr. Alora Kir

Carli Norris as Jane Doe/Maria Geddes

Michael Sinnott as David Geddes


Director = David Wheatley

Writer = David T. Reilly

Composer (Theme–Starhunter 2300) = Peter Gabriel (Darker Star, arranged and mixed by Richard Evans and David Rhodes)

Composers (Episode–Starhunter 2300) = The Insects (Bob Locke and Tim Norfolk)

Composer (Theme–Starhunter Redux, Season 2) = Donald Quan

Composer (Episode–Starhunter Redux) = Donald Quan

Length of original episode = 0:47:53

Length of Redux episode = 0:42:35


Above:  Tristan Catchpole

A Screen Capture

This episode takes us back into the realm of the Orchard, reintroduced two episodes ago, in Pandora’s Box.  In this episode we see the de jure grand opening of the Orchard (Mark II), the previous version of the Orchard having torn itself apart in 2290.  Yet, as one who recalls Pandora’s Box understands, the Orchard (Mark II) was already functional de facto.

This episode contains some exposition, for the benefit of certain characters and many viewers who, back in 2003 and 2004, had not seen or had vague memories of the first season (2000-2001).  Binge watching this series leads to a different, negative experience of such clunky dialogue than one would have watching one episode a week, missing the series some weeks, and having years pass and memories fade.  Consider also, O reader, that I have a details orientation, so I know many of these details already.

This episode includes name drops of Dante Montana, Penny Montana, and Eccleston.

According to Dr. Edward Murchison, head of the Orchard (Mark II), Eccleston went insane because he activated his four Divinity Cluster genes artificially.  This account is inconsistent with what I recall from The Divinity Cluster and Resurrection.  I do not expect Murchison to know everything or be entirely truthful, though.  I recall that Eccleston recalled vaguely some experiences he had in other dimensions.

There are two Travis Montanas.  The Clive Robertson model is not the son of Dante and Penny.  If he knows this, he does not let on that he does.  Nobody at the Orchard (Mark II) seems to know it, either.

The Redux version of this episode omits early scenes of Jane Doe shooting at Travis on Clarke Station.  This cut does not hurt the reedited version of the episode, for we hear about her rare act of violence.


Above:  Dr. Edward Murchison

A Screen Capture

  1. “Jane Doe” has had amnesia and multiple personalities for a few years as she has not been confronting a trauma.
  2. The crew of the Tulip, always in need of credits, is accepting jobs transporting mental patients and their counselors.  They are transporting “Jane Doe,” in the company of Dr. Alora Kir, to Ganymede Neural.  No, make that Ganymede Maximum, after “Jane Doe” sees Travis and recognizes him, shouts that he should die, and shoots at him.  She shoots another man instead.
  3. While Travis and Callie are on Clarke Station, Travis bumps into Tristan Catchpole in a corridor.  Catchpole turns around and pays attention.  Travis and Callie move along.
  4. Travis (the fake one) is a good man.  He is also a guilt-ridden man who says he has hurt too many people.  In this episode he is usually a very moody man, too.
  5. This episode occurs about fifteen years after the events of The Divinity Cluster, so characters speaking of the passage of fifteen years makes sense, mathematically and in context.  Recall, O reader, that the first season of Starhunter Redux spans late 2285-2286.  This episode occurs in late 2300.
  6. Dr. Alora Kir, an assertive advocate for her patient, contacts “Edward,” a psychiatrist and her superior, more than once.  Edward is Dr. Edward Murchison.
  7. Meanwhile, in Penrose Interstellar Research City, Mars, Murchison presides over the formal opening of the Orchard (Mark II).  The Orchard is dedicated to getting people into hyperspace.
  8. Tristan Catchpole is the first human (as far as Murchison knows, at least) to activate three of his four Divinity Cluster genes naturally.  He can travel through hyperspace to planets in other solar systems.  He can also track down other naturally-activated subjects via a psychic link.
  9. Travis (the fake one) is one of these naturally-activated subjects.
  10. Percy defends Travis to her crew mates.
  11. When Dr. Kir observes “Jane Doe” touch Travis and phase in and out with him, she does not understand what just happened.  She does grasp, however, that the patient recalls her name (Maria Geddes) and that fake Travis (or whatever he was calling himself in 2285, when the real Travis was ruling the Raiders), as a member of the Varran Clan, killed Maria’s husband, David.  Dr. Kir tells Murchison what she saw.  Murchison is very interested in this report.
  12. Unanswered question:  Does Percy, in this episode, think that the fake Travis is her cousin?
  13. An Orchard vessel with Catchpole on board intercepts and grapples the Transutopian.  Catchpole and two guards board the Tulip.  Percy immediately recognizes them as being from the Orchard.
  14. Catchpole takes Travis through hyperspace to a planet 400 light-years away.  Travis does not buy what Catchpole is selling.  The two men struggle and return to the Tulip.
  15. The Orchard personnel return to their vessel, which ungrapples the Tulip and leaves.
  16. Maria forgives fake Travis for killing her husband.
  17. Maria is no longer headed for Ganymede Maximum, but for Ganymede Neural.
  18. On Mars, Catchpole tells Murchison that Travis (the fake one) will eventually come to the Orchard of his free will.
  19. Murchison, a psychiatrist, should not be casual about killing people and having them killed.  He is a Machiavellian person, fit for the Orchard.

Next:  Kate, or why one should never replace Caravaggio.


Above:  Dr. Alora Kir, Callie, and Marcus

A Screen Capture

The Orchard was the glue that unified the first season.  Most episodes related to that cabal.  Perhaps more did than I, a detail-oriented person, know.  Was the Orchard also behind the scenes in Peer Pressure, A Twist in Time, and Eat Sin?

If so, I would not fall over in surprise.

The second season needed for the Orchard to be more prominent more often.  This is my strongest critique of the second season.

I have become fonder of the second season since beginning to watch Starhunter Redux, which does much to unify the two seasons.  The explicit statement (strong in the remastered and reedited version of Hyperspace II) that the Clive Robertson Travis is not the son of Dante and Penny Montana does much to improve the second season for me.  Resolving that plot point may yet prompt me to rank the second season higher than the first season.