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Becoming Shiva/Becoming Shiva (Redux)   2 comments

Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

J. Robert Oppenheimer, quoting the Bhagavad-Gita, following the Trinity Test, July 16, 1945

Above:  Nailson and Salvatore

A Screen Capture




Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Clive Robertson as Travis Montana

Dawn Stern as Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna

Paul Fox as Marcus Fagen

Graham Harley as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter 2300

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter Redux, Season 2


Jonathan Sagall as Salvatore

Elisa Moolecherry as Nailson

James Carroll as Detective

Hayden Baptiste as Arun

Don Willmott as Opening Space Station Worker


Director = Colin Bucksey

Writer = Denis McGrath

Composer (Theme–Starhunter 2300) = Peter Gabriel (Darker Star, arranged and mixed by Richard Evans and David Rhodes)

Composers (Episode–Starhunter 2300) = The Insects (Bob Locke and Tim Norfolk)

Composer (Theme–Starhunter Redux, Season 2) = Donald Quan

Composer (Episode–Starhunter Redux) = Donald Quan

Length of original episode = 0:48:04

Length of Redux episode = 0:44:09


Above:  Nailson

A Screen Capture

Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction and one-third of a triad.  The other two-thirds of the triad are Brahma (the creator) and Vishnu (the preserver).  Shiva’s destruction is part of a cycle, for the purpose of re-creation.  This understanding is applicable to the mindset of the ecoterrorists in this episode.

Salvatore misquotes J. Robert Oppenheimer, though.  According to Salvatore, Oppenheimer said, “I am become Shiva, the destroyer of worlds.”  The portion of the Bhagavad-Gita Oppenhiemer quoted is in the mouth of Krishna, in the guise of Arjuna’s chariot-driver.  I am a Christian (an Episcopalian, to be precise), not a Hindu.  Yet I know from sources that Krishna is not Shiva.  According to what I have read, Krishna is an incarnation (the eighth incarnation, actually) of Vishnu, who is not Shiva.

Salvatore does not care about historical accuracy in quoting people and about details of Hindu theology, apparently.

Tanya Allen and Elisa Moolecherry worked together during the 1996-1997 season of The Newsroom, a superb comedy series.

What is the state of the Earth since Resurrection (1.22), set in late 2286?  The events of this episode exist in the same universe as the events of that episode.  I conclude that the seeds must not have destroyed all life on the planet and that they did not restore the atmosphere either.  Did those seeds change anything?  The Earth is, according to Rudolpho, who spent part of his youth there, “a sewer.”  We also learn that people who live on Earth are the only humans who can die of cancer.

Jeremy, Nailson’s son, died of cancer at age seven.

We will hear more about conditions on the mother planet in the next episode, The Third Thing.

Percy tells Marcus that Dante saved the Earth.  That may be her recollection, but it is inconsistent with the events of Resurrection (1.22), for Dante did not prevent the Raiders from releasing the seeds into the atmosphere.  As I recall, Dante could not even save himself and Travis (Mark I, the actual Travis).

Percy also tells Marcus that she has been to Earth.  I wonder if she referred to the events of The Divinity Cluster (1.1) or those of Resurrection (1.22).  One may recall that, in Family Values (1.3), Percy said she had never been to Earth.

I do not assume that characters in works of fiction always speak accurately or truthfully.


Above:  Percy would still rather punch Nailson in the face.

A Screen Capture

  1. Ring Shepherd, Saturn Federation:  Nailson and Salvatore, leader of Terra’s Children, plant a bomb in restricted area of the space station still under construction.  They say, “For Terra.”  Then they depart.  Two workers enter the area shortly thereafter.  Nailson and Salvatore, getting away in their ship, hear sounds of human activity.  Nailson is concerned, but Salvatore does not care.  The bomb explodes and the men die.
  2. Terra’s Children, an Earth First organization active for about seven years, has targeted structures, not people.  Until this episode, that is.
  3. Syn City, Io, Jupiter Federation, two days later:  A detective informs Travis of a message from Terra’s Children; there is a threat of an attack in Syn City in one day.  The detective hires the crew of the Tulip to bring in Salvatore.  We get an update on Gus and Arnot from Biocrime, three episodes ago:  They cashed out after the Father Abode mess.
  4. Callie and Marcus remain on the Tulip and tap into Syn City (What a sin city it is!) surveillance cameras.  Marcus, Callie, and Rudolpho pound the pavement in Syn City.  Salvatore plants a bag containing a bomb.  Nailson removes the bag and disarms the bomb.  After Percy and Marcus alert their colleagues to Nailson’s whereabouts, Nailson becomes a prisoner quickly.  Salvatore gets away, though.
  5. Salvatore returns to Adrastea, the smallest moon of Jupiter, and the site of a base.  He has a plan to use the Transutopian to push Adrastea (with bombs on it) into the gas giant planet and cause an explosion that will destroy the Tulip, create a radiation wave, and kill three billion people.  Salvatore sends two of the groups members to Ring Shepherd, where they kill two security guards and, in the guise of security guards, board the Tulip.
  6. Nailson contemptuously calls Percy a “can dweller” and refuses to answer questions.  Percy eventually persuades Nailson to reveal details by turning the gravity in her cell to nine times the gravity of Earth.
  7. Marcus has never sat under a tree or stood under an open sky.
  8. “Gone to Terra” is a euphemism for having died.
  9. Members of Terra’s Children die while attempting to seize control of the Tulip.
  10. When Travis, Callie, and Rudolpho go to Adrastea, Salvatore and other members of Terra’s Children surrender–or do they?  Salvatore and those with him constitute the second wave of ecoterrorists who try to seize control of the ship.  That leaves the three members Callie and Rudolpho guard until the bounty hunters flee, due to the polonium explosives.  Callie and Rudolpho, in a stolen terrorist shuttle, pursue Salvatore, in a shuttle he stole from the Tulip.  Callie uses a particle beam to damage Salvatore’s engines.  His fate will be that of the three billion people he wants to murder.
  11. Salvatore orders the increasingly radicalized Nailson, standing on the Tulip‘s bridge, to abort the plan.  She disobeys; it is too late for that, she says.  Percy points a gun at Nailson, who points a gun at Percy.  Then Travis enters the bridge.  Nailson points her gun at him, and he kills her.
  12. Marcus frustrates the terrorists’ plan by shutting down the Transutopian‘s engines.
  13. I guess the other three terrorists remained on Adrastea.  The episode does not answer that question.
  14. The Tulip heads for Ring Shepherd, to turn Salvatore over to authorities.
  15. Travis asks Percy is okay.  She replies, “No.”

Next:  Most of the crew of the Tulip faces another potentially lethal challenge, “reality” programming, in The Third Thing.