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Spaceman/Spaceman (Redux)   2 comments

Above:  Mishkin and Percy

A Screen Capture




Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Clive Robertson as Travis Montana

Dawn Stern as Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna

Paul Fox as Marcus Fagen

Graham Harley as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter 2300

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter Redux, Season 2


Michael Filipowich as Mishkin

Frank Moore as Commander Orlando

Neil Girvan as Soldier #1


Director = David Wheatley

Writers = Nelu Ghiran and David Wheatley

Composer (Theme–Starhunter 2300) = Peter Gabriel (Darker Star, arranged and mixed by Richard Evans and David Rhodes)

Composers (Episode–Starhunter 2300) = The Insects (Bob Locke and Tim Norfolk)

Composer (Theme–Starhunter Redux, Season 2) = Donald Quan

Composer (Episode–Starhunter Redux) = Donald Quan

Length of original episode = 0:48:01

Length of Redux episode = 0:44:12


Above:  Colonel Orlando

A Screen Capture

  1. Michael Filopowich and Frank Moore previously appeared in Earth:  Final Conflict (1997-2002).  Filipowich portrayed Judson Corr, the assassin, who, on orders of Ronald Sandoval, murdered Kate, William Boone’s wife, in the first episode.  Moore played Hubble Urich, an advisor to U.S. President Andrew Thompson, in twenty-two episodes from 1999 to 2002.
  2. The Transutopian, on the edge an uncharted debris field near Saturn, detects life signs in a very small escape pod–barely large enough for one person.  The debris is that of a large freighter that imploded.   Rudolpho is the only member of the crew of the Tulip to voice caution, which turns out to be prophetic.
  3. The escape pod, taken aboard the Tulip, contains a man, who turns about to me Mishkin.  Percy’s attraction to him is obvious before he touches her.  Then he touches her.  She really becomes attracted to him.
  4. Mishkin, who recovers from amnesia during the episode, has the power to affect adversely the judgment of anyone he touches.  Percy has sex with Mishkin.  Marcus returns to his Raider ways.  Rudolpho, claiming to be the rightful owner of the Transutopian, plots to sell it.  He also strands Travis and Callie aboard a powerless shuttle in the debris field before retrieving a fighter, which he also intends to sell.  When Marcus, under Mishkin’s influence, becomes suspicious of Rudolpho, he locks the older man in his (Rudolpho’s) quarters.  Rudolpho resorts to using a weapon to burn through the doors.
  5. Mishkin’s effects are temporary.  They wear off in about a day.
  6. Marcus grew up in the Raiders.  He does not remember his parents.  We will learn about his family in The Heir and the Spare.
  7. The Varran clan hangs out near Io.
  8. Colonel Orlando contacts Travis and Callie, but does not rescue them.  His mission takes him to the Transutopian, which he and a small team of soldiers board.  Orlando is Mishkin’s father.  Mishkin is the prototype of a military experiment code named Trojan Horse.  His official purpose is to infiltrate groups and cause them to sabotage their causes.  Mishkin, however, cannot control whom he influences, friend or foe.  His touch causes a change in the subject’s brain activity–namely, bad judgment.  Mishkin escaped because he was too dangerous.  Orlando has been pursuing his son.  The colonel understands his sad duty to be to destroy his son.
  9. Percy tells Mishkin she never felt alive before she met him.
  10. Mishkin tells Percy he must leave the Tulip, or else people will die.  He returns to the escape pod, which she launches.  Orlando and men pursue him, but collisions with debris in the debris field destroy their ship and kill them.
  11. How long can Mishkin live?  Orlando said that Mishkin was dying.
  12. Travis and Callie continue to await rescue, soon to be on the way, when the episode ends.
  13. Mishkin’s power seems to entail accentuating some aspect (frequently negative, that which the best angels of one’s nature keep in control) of a person’s character.  Percy is lonely and emotionally withdrawn.  Unfortunately for her, she can never find a good boyfriend.  Rudolpho is greedy.  Marcus has a background in the Raiders; he is somewhat violent.

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