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Siren’s Song/Siren’s Song (Redux)   4 comments

Above:  Percy and Ire

A Screen Capture




Michael Paré as Dante Montana

Claudette Roche as Lucretia “Luc” Scott

Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna


Vincent Winterhalter as Petrakist

Kai King as Billy Tsunami

Nazneen Contractor as Ire

Neil Dickson as Major Wayne Bartlett

Darell Meshaeau as the Captain of the space yacht

Cheryl Quiacos as Attractive Woman aboard the space yacht

David Green as Prisoner #1

Seth Van Horne, Michael A. Durley, and Terry Mortlock as Commandos #3-5

Max White as the Steward aboard the space yacht

Edward Leslie as Dr. Slade


Director = Patrick Malakian

Writer = Nelu Ghiran

Composer = Donald Quan

Length of the original episode = 0:47:23

Length of the Redux episode = 0:44:05


Above:  Petrakist

A Screen Capture

  1. In Rudolpho’s opening transmission, omitted in the Redux version of this episode, he opines about monsters coming in various shapes and sizes, being everywhere, and always waiting.
  2. Prisoners escape from a maximum-security prison on Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter.  A few of these escapees seize a luxury space yacht and kill most of those aboard.  The Transutopian answers a distress call from the yacht.  Besides, Dante owes Rudolpho five years’ back rent.  Dante owed four years’ back rent three episodes ago.
  3. Officially, Luc is aboard the Transutopian to make sure that Dante does not foul up his missions.  Her presence does not prevent him from fouling up this mission, in which three escapees die and only Petrakist becomes a prisoner with a bounty on his head.
  4. Dante, discouraged, vows that this will be his last mission.  He encourages Percy to pursue a real life elsewhere, go to school, et cetera.
  5. A special forces black operations shuttle, with Major Wayne Bartlett and some other commandos aboard, intercepts the Transutopian, which Bartlett seizes.  He has a prisoner, a young woman, Ire, who escaped from the Phoenix research station, in orbit of Miranda, a moon of Uranus.  As we in the audience eventually learn, the Miranda sector has been under quarantine for at least thirteen years, due to the outbreak of the deadly Omega 77 virus.  The quarantine has prevented that virus from spreading, but Ire escaped the Phoenix station via a ship until special forces captured her.  She insists that she must get to Earth.
  6. Bartlett and his commandos, who insist that they follow orders, make no pretense of being charming and diplomatic.  Percy has contempt for them.  She calls them “stupid thugs” and asks them if they can count as high as four.  Even Luc, a veteran of special forces, has contempt for them.
  7. This episode is the first one in which Kai King plays Billy Tsunami, Percy’s favorite singer.
  8. Most of the Transutopian is abandoned and lacks gravity.
  9. Ire kills most of the commandos.  Petrakist kills Bartlett and one other commando.
  10. Ire says she has “enough pain to fuel the universe.”  She even regrets killing commandos.
  11. Ire sets the Transutopian on course for Miranda and the Phoenix research station.
  12. Ire has no life signs.
  13. Ire reveals that she must go to Earth (the opposite direction than the way to Miranda) to tell the story of what happened, not to hurt anyone.
  14. Ire resembles a young woman who died thirteen years ago, when the Omega 47 virus reached the Phoenix research station.
  15. Ire to Bartlett:  “Such hatred.  Contact with you changed us.  Colonists needed water.  Melted ice set us free.  Mixed with your DNA.  Give us your anger, guilt.  All new, thrilling.”
  16. After Bartlett merges with Ire, Miranda explodes.
  17. Caravaggio (doing his best Victor Bergman impersonation):  “Amazing, a deadly virus that was sorry.  Guilt really is the engine of the universe.  And it seems to have chosen not to infect any of you.  How discriminating of it.”
  18. Rudolpho is livid with Dante until the captain pays off the back rent with the special operations shuttle.
  19. This episode made no sense to me the other times I watched it.  That has not changed.

Next:  The Man Who Sold the World, with space Mengele, hiding out on Pluto and selling ores.  We will return to the Divinity Cluster story arc.