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Unprepared for College, Part II   Leave a comment

Spring Semester 2018 at the University of North Georgia is nearly over.

This night I have concluded the process of grading final essays and posting all grades at the proper electronic destinations.  The contrasts between two classes have proven to be quite dramatic, by the numbers.

Consider these numbers, O reader:

Class Grade = A

  • Class I–46%; Class II–27%

Class Grade =B

  • Class I–30%; Class II–6%

Class Grade = C

  • Class I–8%; Class II–17%

Class Grade = D

  • Class I–4%; Class II–0%

Class Grade = F

  • Class I–13%; Class II–50%

Plagiarists on the Final Essay

  • Class I–4%; Class II–22%

Plagiarism results in a zero on the assignment in question and an “F’ in the course.

Each class has its distinct collective personality.  That personality comes down to the luck of the draw–who enrolls in it and who stays.  I present the same material to the different groups and observe different results.  These results force me to conclude that more than half of one of these classes was not prepared for college.

I also notice that many students have little or no concept of plagiarism, despite my oral and written explanations of it, as well as the efforts of others to explain it.  They need to learn that concept now.  I wonder how many of them will learn that lesson now.

The semester is over.  Now I enjoy that fact.



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