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Farewell to Harry (2004)   1 comment

Lysette Anthony Demonstrates Why More Women Should Wear Hats



William Hall, Jr., as Harry Wyle

Joe Flanigan as Nick Sennet

Lysette Anthony as Louie Sinclair

Directed by Garrett Bennett

98 Minutes Long

Not Rated


I like movies about people.  Whatever the flaws with some of favorite people films are, the concentration on certain characters more than makes up for these inadequacies.  And, after an hour and half or two hours or so, I come away with the knowledge that I have spent my time well.

Farewell to Harry is such a movie.  Consistent with my recent custom of writing mostly impressionistic film reviews, I choose to leave most of the plot and characterization for a viewer to discover.  So, before I begin, I assure you, O reader, that if you like old things, such as nice hats, vintage vehicles, and manual typewriters, you stand a very good chance of enjoying this movie.  I have found no rating on the movie, although I did notice (only) a few brief mute spots on my DVD where I presume a curse word was supposed to be.  Really, I am not that delicate, but at least the screenwriter focused on the story, not expletives, which, when too numerous, become verbal wallpaper devoid of power beyond that to annoy.

Ghosts of the Past

The movie is set in the small island town of Winslow, across the water from an unnamed city somewhere in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.  The filming location being Bainbridge Island, Washington, the island across the waves looks remarkably like Seattle.  The decaying hulk of the old Hoffstetter hat factory is there, a reminder of a more elegant time.

Harry Wyle

Harry Wyle is the current owner of the old factory, which has been his world for his whole life.  He dreams about reopening the old place, but mostly he drinks too much and dances with beautiful women.  Dancing with beautiful women sounds like fun, at least.

Nick Sennet

Nick Sennet has returned to Winslow, where he grew up.  Nick left years ago, with dreams of becoming a great and famous writer.  But he found writer’s block instead.  Now he is back, working as a projectionist at the local movie theater and trying to cheer up Harry.  Nick’s Jimmy Stewart impression is quite impressive, if I do say so.

Louie Sinclair

Louie Sinclair, played by Lysette Anthony, complete with her British accent, is one of Harry’s former loves.  She is still rather fond of him, as he is of her.  And why not?  Nick enlists her aid in his plans to help Harry.

Both Harry and Nick are stuck, and they need each other to become unstuck and to move on with their lives.  This is a beautiful, human story of the power of friendship.

As for the rest, I recommend watching the movie.  It will be 98 minutes well spent.  I do want to say something more, however.  As vocalist Tom Dew sings in the song which plays over the end credits,

And I think and I know it’s a wonderful day.

There is a future.  It does not look like the faded past, but there is a future.  And the choices we make will contribute greatly to its shape.  May we make it a good one.  That is the ultimate message of the movie.

I have decided to begin to play a new game, Six Degrees of Separation from Tanya Allen.  Given that I have devoted an entire category to some of her filmed works, why not?  So, with a little help from IMDb, here it goes:

  1. Joe Flanigan so-starred in Stargate: Atlantis with…
  2. Torri Higginson, who appeared in The English Patient (It was boring and much too long, I know.) with…
  3. Colin Firth, who co-starred in Where the Truth Lies (one of Egoyan’s lesser efforts) with…
  4. Kevin Bacon (I could not have done this without him.), directed by…
  5. Atom Egoyan, who directed…
  6. Sarah Polley in Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter (two of Egoyan’s greater efforts).  Polley, of course, co-starred with Tanya Allen in White Lies (

An alternate route after #5:  Atom Egoyan played himself in Escape from the Newsroom, in which Tanya Allen appeared via archived footage from The Newsroom (1996-1997).

So there are no more than  two degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and Tanya Allen!

Not bad, huh?



All images are screen captures I obtained via the PowerDVD program and a legal DVD I bought at the Dublin, Georgia, Big Lots store in 2005.