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Transportation Puns   Leave a comment

  1. A helicopter transporting a woodman is a chopper.
  2. The cosmonaut looked into a Mir-ror and saw his reflection.
  3. If I were to ask an insane train engineer about his reasons, I would seek a locomotive.  But I would not railroad him.

Science Fiction Puns   3 comments

  1. One must have a warped sense of humor to crack a joke about a starship’s nacelles.
  2. Is a man who brawls while wearing a cravat a tie fighter?  Did I force this pun?
  3. Was Percy Montana predestined to be on the Tulip?
  4. It would behoove you to watch more Doctor Who and therefore be more enterprising.  You might even decide to embark on a great trek.  That would certainly be the logical decision.
  5. A Jedi knight who conducts music is Obi-Wand Kenobi.
  6. Every seven years a Vulcan must travel a great distance to tell double entendres.  This is the pun farr.
  7. Watching old episodes of Doctor Who makes me crave cereals.
  8. Is a picture of Mira Furlan a Mira image?
  9. Is a drink favored by a Ferengi junior officer in Starfleet egg nog?
  10. If H. G. Wells had written a novel about herbs, might he have called it The Thyme Machine?

Bicycle Puns   Leave a comment

  1. “I don’t have a bicycle,” she spoke.
  2. Is using a bicycle again recycling?  And, if I tell this joke prematurely in the State of Washington, have I Spokane too soon?
  3. The person who said something inaccurate about bicycle wheels misspoke.

Nautical Puns   Leave a comment

  1. I had fleeting concerns about ships.
  2. Do not bow to the demands of the stern ship captain.
  3. The inexpensive sailboat was on sail.
  4. A sailor off whom a funny seaman bounces off jokes is a strait man.
  5. A game played on a yacht is yahtzee.
  6. The soprano who took a cruise had no difficulty hitting the high seas.
  7. The two German u-boats that became one u-boat submerged.
  8. The submariner who read scripture aloud was glad the submarine had a pericope.

Automotive Puns   2 comments

  1. A Norwegian car comes from the Fjord Motor Company.
  2. I never tire of using the idiom, “That’s when the rubber meets the road.”  Am I paving the way for a promising future as a punster?
  3. The bridge engineer with ADHD had an insufficient attention span.
  4. I never tire of saying, “That’s when the rubber meets the road.”  (Does that joke drive you crazy?)
  5. It is difficult to remain neutral regarding automobiles.
  6. Is a mechanic’s wardrobe his attire?  (I just had to get around to that joke.  And I pun where angels fear to tread.)