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Torment/Torment (Redux)   3 comments

Above:  Serena and Rudolpho DeLuna

A Screen Capture




Tanya Allen as Percy Montana

Clive Robertson as Travis Montana

Dawn Stern as Callista “Callie” Larkadia

Stephen Marcus as Rudolpho DeLuna

Paul Fox as Marcus Fagen

Graham Harley as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter 2300

Murray Melvin as Caravaggio (the ship’s AI)–in Starhunter Redux, Season 2


Lindy Booth as Serena DeLuna

Von Flores as Darnell

Richard Blackburn as Arthur Santiago

Debra McCabe as Vayla Tambur

Jacqueline Pillon as Gina


Director = Colin Bucksey

Writer = Peter I. Horton/Peter Zorich

Composer (Theme–Starhunter 2300) = Peter Gabriel (Darker Star, arranged and mixed by Richard Evans and David Rhodes)

Composers (Episode–Starhunter 2300) = The Insects (Bob Locke and Tim Norfolk)

Composer (Theme–Starhunter Redux, Season 2) = Donald Quan

Composer (Episode–Starhunter Redux) = Donald Quan

Length of original episode = 0:47:54

Length of Redux episode = 0:44:04


Above:  Callie and Percy, Putting on Their Best Faces

A Screen Capture

  1. Callie is my favorite character unique to the second season.  Dawn Stern’s performance is the main reason for my choice.
  2. Lindy Booth, playing the 16-year-old hellion, Serena, was 24 years old at the time of filming.
  3. Von Flores (Darnell, with interesting eye makeup), portrayed agent Ronald Sandoval, one the best-dressed antagonists in science fiction, for all five seasons of Earth:  Final Conflict, a series that diminished with each season.  (Watch the first season and ignore the other four seasons.)
  4. We meet Vayla Tambur, first seen in Biocrime, again.
  5. This story contains comedy gold.  For example, Rudolpho tells Travis, “I bet you made out like a bandit.”  Travis, with a straight face, replies, “I was a bandit.”
  6. Percy on adolescents:  “Teenagers are psycho.”
  7. We open at Syn City, Io.  Darnell contracts Arthur Santiago and demands ransom for Santiago’s parents, abducted from the jungles of North America nearly a half-century ago (from Santiago’s perspective) but about eight months prior (from the parents’ perspective, due to time dilation).   This is the only instance of time dilation in Starhunter Redux.
  8. Santiago hires the crew of the Tulip to rescue his parents, “just kids.”  The crew ultimately succeeds, of course.  The really interesting material pertains to Serena.
  9. Rudolpho is inappropriate.  This is no surprise to anyone who has been watching Starhunter (especially the pre-remastered versions of episodes, still available for purchase on DVDs) from the first episode of the first season.  In this episode we see him watch a NSFW video only he can see while on the bridge of the Tulip.  He may as well be Chewbacca’s father watching Diahann Carroll in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special (1978).
  10. Back, prior to the first season, Rudolpho met a stripper named Gina.  He married her.  They had a daughter, Serena.  Rudolpho filed for divorce when Serena was two years old.
  11. Gina is one of three ex-wives to whom Rudolpho makes court-ordered payments.
  12. Gina, angry that Rudolpho is delinquent on 50,000 credits of child support, cannot afford to send Serena to correctional camp.  So she sends the “hell cat” (as Rudolpho refers to his daughter) to the Tulip.  Serena drives everybody crazy.  She tries to seduce Marcus.  Callie restrains herself from killing the young woman.  Furthermore, Serena is openly contemptuous of her father for most of the episode.
  13. Serena has worked as a stripper, for the money, needed when Rudolpho did not send child support.
  14. Darnell tries to abduct Serena.
  15. Vayla, an old friend of Marcus, provides Travis with information crucial to rescuing Serena.
  16. Father and daughter reconcile at the end of the episode.

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